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Is It Possible To Stay In Love Without Making Any Contacts?

I asked my friends’ opinion yesterday. At that time, I was bored and I almost fell asleep in the English class. I thought that it would be better if I do anything else. Then, I wrote a statement and I asked my friend to give their opinion or argument about that statement. All the statements below are my friend’s opinion. I have to make their names confidential so I don’t put them in this posting.


Impossible without communication. Possible without physical contact. But it’s more fun if we add physical contact in love interaction, of course a full controlable body contact we’re talking about.”

Possible. It depends on your way of thinking. If you still trust one to each other, it will be no problems indeed. So, have fun with it :).”

“Human being, loving someone and loved by someone else. Communication is an evidence of love existence. In my opinion, it is difficult to stay in love without any contact.”

It is impossible to love someone that appeared not exist, just like creating your imaginary lover. When the subject is unreal, then so does the love and relation.”

“As a matter of fact, love without saying is nothing.
As a matter of fact, love without touching is nothing.
As a matter of fact, love without caring is nothing.
As a matter of fact, love without any contacts is NOTHING!!”

It’s impossible.

“Love is mind and heart contact. So it is absolutely always in a contact between you and her/him. Don’t ask about possible or impossible because it is already in a contact.”

It’s impossible! (because you said it is WITHOUT ANY contacts)”

It’s impossible. Even if we make an acquaintance we have a contact with him. Of course, love to somebody needs a lot of intensive contact rather than to acquaintances or friends.”

Possible. To stay in love is merely an idea. I believe people are subconsciously in love with the idea itself. So, to stay in love without any contact, whatsoever, is very much possible. For example, I love God even though there’s no physical contact involved. I believe it also applied in the man-woman romantic-relationship. Because the basic principle applies, to love is a basic needs, and a powerful one to if I might add. It doesn’t requires anything else but the concept itself to survive.”

“Love is like a choice. If you love somebody, it means you have already chosen to do anything for somebody who you love. Even you mustn’t to contact her/him for entire of your life, or let her/him to get married with another person. But, love is a choice, keep it or leave it!!”

“There is no such thing as impossible, because in the world impossible itself stated that “I’m possible”. So it depend on that person himself/herself.”

What about your own opinion? Please write it down in comments box below ๐Ÿ˜‰


5 thoughts on “Is It Possible To Stay In Love Without Making Any Contacts?

  1. Jawab pake Bahasa Indonesia

    Halo Dwi, pemikiran yang baik…

    Tentu saja setiap hubungan memerlukan namanya komunikasi. Karena itulah pengertian dari hubungan, tentu saja ada hubungan/komunikasi. Jadi bukan karena mencintainya, tetapi lebih karena adanya HUBUNGAN… maka perlulah komunikasi.
    Intensitas komunikasi inilah yang selalu menjadi pertanyaan. Apakah benar intensitas yang berlebihan dalam hubungan (lebih ke arah pacaran) perlu diaplikasikan ke dalam ‘hubungan’ seperti ini?
    Silahkan dijawab

    “Lebih mudah mengasihi yang kelihatan daripada yang tidak kelihatan”

  2. huumm i don’t know what to say …

    i think love itself is a contact, it’s a deep communication between hearts, connected strongly to each other. and if there’s no contact, then there will be no connection and communication.

    and for me personally it’s so hard to maintain a relationship without contact, love is a delicate thing anyway, it could easily be broken, even with the slightest reason

    so please maintain the communication

    salam kenal ya ^^, mampir ke blog ku kalau ada waktu

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