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You by Switchfoot

Lately, this song get stuck in my head. It plays over and over again. I can’t make it stop in my own mind.

Switchfoot. YOU!

I already knew about this band since I watched A Walk To Remember. For the first time I heard, I fell in love truly and deeply with this song. Beside I also love the other Switchfoot’s songs like Only Hope, Dare You To Move, Head Over Heels, 24, On Fire, and else.

The melody is so soft, enchanting and touching my soul everytime I hear it. It makes my head fell down. It makes me thinking about who I am, about my sin, about my past, about success and dark hour in life. And then I cried and realized it’s not about me but it’s about You. It’s all about God.

Here, I give you the lyric of this song.

There’s always something in the way
There’s always something getting through
but it’s not me
it’s You, it’s You

Sometimes ignorance rings true
But hope is not in what I know
it’s not in
it’s in You, it’s in You

it’s all i know
it’s all i know
it’s all i know

I find peace when I’m confused
I find hope when I’m let down
not in me … me
in You
it’s in you

I hope to lose myself for good
I hope to find it in the end
not in me … me
in You
in You
in You

There is always hope. And it will be proved in the end. Just looking forward to a better home in heaven, in eternity.

“GOD, you’re my refuge. I trust in you and I’m safe!” Psalms 91:2

PS : You can hear this song and watch the video from A Walk To Remember movie in my vodpod.


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