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Future Is A Mystery

Everybody works so hard to reach the bright future. They plan something so organized. They do all they already planned and waiting for the best result.

There is no mistake being people like I said before. What could you do as a human? Dreaming. Organizing. Planning. Acting. Evaluating. But future is a big mystery. You never know what will happen in the next minutes of your life. It is true that you can forecast something but there is always such a deviation. You can’t give a hundred percent confidence about something you think that will happen next.

If you can’t predict what will happen about your future, who will be take your role to give certainty about your future? Your parents can not. Your best friends can not. Your lover can not. Your priest can not. Your lectures can not. Even your president can not take this role.

I believe there is a bigger power who have a big authority not to predict your future but to make certain about your future. Having much money, great carrier and happy family is a common thing that people consider as a bright future. What is a definition of your own bright future? Anything!

But for me, as long as I put my dream in the right hand I will not get disappointed because my expectation is not based on my plan or my hard working. I don’t think I will get every pleasure I can found in the earth but I am sure that I will get satisfied from everything I have.


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