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Big Thanks To You!

Words that I said yesterday all day long for almost hundred times is “I want to cry!

How can I ignore the grace I always see clearly for everyday?

Now I know for sure that I’m so blessed. There’s always a friend when I’m alone. There’s always a help when I need. I asked God why He let me standing sturdy facing my life with tears falling down. But I understand that rainbow won’t come without rain. The harder the rain, the more beautiful the rainbow.

Thank you, Lord. You taught me how to laugh through tears. You taught me how to respect others even when I thought that they didn’t deserve it. And you told me that there’s love even when I can’t feel it, even when I doubt.

Thank you, Lord. I learned about wisdom and where it comes from. Not from my mind. Because my mind always plays on me. Not from my feeling. Because my feeling always drives me crazy. But from You, the Answer of everything!

Now I’m free. Free to give love for everyone. Free to feel that I’m loved by everyone. Because I deserve it. And you also deserve it.

Big thanks to : Kak Sisil, Ivan, Benny, Octa, Tety, Sio, Mas Dimos, Tasha, Silvy, David, Frida, Rega, Keffi. Thanks for your presence. For your help. For your love. In my critical times. When I feel empty. When I was almost desperate.

Now, I cry…
For all the happiness…


4 thoughts on “Big Thanks To You!

  1. “You taught me how to respect others even when I thought that they didn’t deserve it.”

    yupp.. i absolutely agree with u..
    It’s only from Him that can teach us like that, to respect others when they didnt deserve it..
    thanks,wi to inspire me through your statement above..
    may God always bless you..

  2. Thanks for time of life sharing,,,love to hear all your story. It really remains me how awesome and unique each stories of our life 😀

  3. like how we’ve been loved by God, we should love others… maybe we never know that someone really needs help… maybe he/she seldom has anyone to stand beside him/her… so let’s be there for them… =)

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